Shelter in Place

Fred is pretty happyShelter In Place, by J.R. Blackwell, is a survival game of Zombie Horror with a twist.

The game is designed to capture the frenetic and cinematic character of zombie movies. Players can take on the roles of Humans or Zombies in a desperate conflict to survive. The Humans goal is to try to survive in an area plagued by Zombies. The Zombies only have one goal, to eat some brains. The Humans must use their wits to survive, making sacrifices in order to live through the night. The Zombies must use their brute, unrelenting strength and teamwork to overpower the humans and eat some delicious brains.

Purchase your copy of Shelter in Place on the Galileo Games website.



Shelter in Place has several audio pieces that the Director reads aloud to the players to mark the transition between acts. Though it’s easy enough to read these to the players out of the book, these audio recordings, complete with sound effects, may help you set the scene for your players.

Thank you to Bradley George and Jason Morningstar for their incredible contributions to putting this audio together. The sound is fantastic and I am so grateful to have this to share.

Click on the recordings to download the audio.

Act One
Act Two
Act Three


Shelter In PlaceShelter in Place can be purchased in PDF, Print, or a PDF+PRINT bundle from the Galileo Games website.

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