"No, no," Dr. Blackwell said, looking sheepish, "it is true, I did SAY that I had a demonstration for you. But, ah, it appears to have run off." She grabbed his arm and looked up into his eyes earnestly. "If you wake up and find that parts of your body have been shaved, you will let me know, won’t you?"

"I. . ." he stammered

"It’s only that if your hair has been shaved in the pattern of a French hedge-maze, something has gone terribly wrong."

"French?" he asked.

"Of course," she said, "But don’t worry yourself if it’s English. If it’s English, everything’s dandy."


Engineer Agent Dr. Blackwell

"The skull?" she said, "Yes, I understand it may be unusual to have a skull on one’s hat. The thing is, I always travel with fangs somewhere on my person, and today the usual places were occupied, so I was forced to go with the hat."

Engineer Agent Dr. Blackwell
"I have been informed," said Dr. Blackwell stiffly, "that is is not lady-like to wander around with ones arms exposed and that I have been scandalizing my fellow agents." She held out her arms in front of her, "But you must understand that it is so much easier to remove the fluids I deal with from flesh than fabric! Have some sympathy for my position, Sir, I am so often elbows deep in some kind of pulsating opening, and most creatures prefer the tender feel of flesh."

Engineer Agent Dr. Blackwell
"Oh," said Dr. Blackwell, "You would like to go out to dinner? I think that’s an excellent idea. No sense waiting around here. I will have the lab results ready when you get back.

Engineer Agent Dr. Blackwell
"Dr. Axelrod and I have been playing Doctor every day at 3:00PM for the past six months. I have won every day. Then again, so has he."