I’m J.R. Blackwell. Yesterday, a bunch of new people added me and commented on my post about how I became a man on the internet, so I thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself for those who don’t know me. However, I know a great deal of you already know me, so I thought I’d condense my introduction into handy bullet points.


J.R. Blackwell is:

And that’s just the stuff about me that’s true! For example, I am the biographer of a supervillain named Dr. Mercury, and an Agent of MoPO.

I like comic books, costumes, movies, concerts, artists, comfortable shoes, wild hair, cheese, science fiction, monsters, vintage clothing, cartoons, fantasy, noodles, live theater, makeup, hiking, reading, travel, gaming, collaborating with people who do stuff, and when my friends acquire adorable animals that I can play with, but not be responsible for.

If you follow me, in the next couple months you can expect to see:

  • PinUps
  • Photographs
  • Bits of Writing
  • Jared Axelrod
  • Gaming Stuff
  • Zombies
  • Supervillains 
  • The TRUTH, unless it’s fiction, which might still be the TRUTH anyway.

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