Project MAGI is out today! This is my image on the book cover of Project MAGI. Usually, when I do book covers, I send publishers a few options based on what they told me they want – and it’s always interesting to me to see what image they eventually choose for the cover. I’m glad that this image was chosen, because it’s my favorite.

That’s my husband, Jared Axelrod, holding the young lady, Avalon, on his shoulder. I wanted him to put her on his shoulder, but I wasn’t sure if that was possible. Jared is a strong guy, and Avalon is tiny, but even so, putting someone on your shoulder isn’t something everyone can do. So we rehearsed! What amazed me is how easily he lifted her up! No problem for Jared.

Jared also did the costume design for this shoot, creating the belt buckles and other accessories to make them all seem like a part of a team. Cool stuff.

Dan and Avalon did the makeup design.

I… um…drove the car to the site and pressed the button on the camera. Photography! Yeah!

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