For 365 Days from November 2007 – November 2008 I took a self portrait every day. During that time performed burlesque, built a fatsuit, wrote a RPG, met Katie West, hung out with Jack Scoresby, created my first book cover, I met scores of new friends and I got married. I also grew tremendously as an artist.

Doing something daily inspires growth, and I threw myself into this project. I wanted to challenge myself daily, to use costumes and props and lighting and new locations to really push myself to new places. I think if you look at the beginning of the project and the end, you can see my development clearly. I’m a different artist now, and the better for it.

To make the project special, I decided to sell each of the photos I took for the price of the day they were taken on. Day One was a dollar, and day 365 was three hundred and sixty five dollars. I decided to only sell one print of any photo in the set. That means that there is only one copy of each photo in existence, with one owner.

At the end, I sold about half of the photos from my 365 Set. Day One and Day 365 were sold within hours of posting. Many are still available though. Some are gruesome, some are erotic, some are heavily digitally manipulated and some are snapshots. All of them are a part of a time of change and growth in my life. In each one, I tried to tell a story, but in all of them, you can see my own story. I am creating, I am traveling, I am learning, I am in love.

Photos from the set are still available. To see if one is still available for purchase, click on the photo.