Filamena Young and David Hill

This is Filamena Young and David Hill.  Filamena and I have been playing in RPG’s together since we were children. I met David after Filamena married him, and the two photos above are from the various photoshoots I’ve had with them. One of the things about my relationship with these two is that we get introduced to each other about five times a year.

We run in similar circles, but not often together, so what will happen is that someone will meet them, and then meet me, and say “You know, I’ve been talking to these brilliant game designers, Filamena Young and David Hill, and you should really meet them.”

This is because they are cool, and I look like I need the help of cool people.

Or someone will say “You should take a look at this game, Machine Zeit, it’s fantastic and really seems like something you’d like.”

Or, “Oh, there are these two people at this convention that you really have to meet.” and then lead me over to their table.

It is as if we were destined to meet, and that fate is overcompensating, just to be sure. I have been watching a lot of Dr. Who recently, and I think, that if there are multiple time streams, we are friends and collaborators in all of them.

Maybe that’s one reason why I’m so excited about the game they are creating, Amaranthine. It’s about people who live multiple lifetimes, bumping into the same souls, lifetime after lifetime, facing similar conflicts, with uncertain solutions and a lot of history.

Being a gamer, I know something of how that feels. I’ve played different characters with the same players for many years. Sometimes you become friends, sometimes bitter enemies, but there is a sense of the familiar under it all. I know the feeling.

The Kickstarter, where you can pre-order a copy of the book, is currently at about 4K, with only 8 days left to assure your hardcover copy.