Everyone has bad days. Yesterday, I had a bad day. Nothing earth shattering, just your run of the mill bad, stupid, kind of day. The kind of day that ends up costing you in hassle and money but not life or limb.

At times like these, when I’m having a bad day, I like to remind myself that most of my days, 98% of my days, are A+ days. The other 1.9% are B- days, and the .1 percent falls into D+. Really, for a life, that’s a good ratio. Because for ever bad day, there are many, many more days where I’m taking pictures of beautiful, talented, intelligent women, drinking wonderful coffee, eating delicious food, strolling around a charming city and listening to my friends tell me about their new creative projects.

I remind myself that I’m married to a brilliant, charming man who satisfies me in every way, that I work in a castle/library that has dragons on it, and that my primary care physicians name is pronounced as “Dr. Who”.

A bad day every now and then can’t overwhelm that kind of fortune.