In my day job, I represent my company, and so I have to wear professional attire. Maintaining and refining this attire takes up just about all of my clothing budget. Five days a week and several seasons, paired with the fact that professional attire is somewhat expensive means that I don’t really have much of a budget for clothes to wear just for fun.

But I can dream.

And when I do dream, I dream of Mercury. Dr. Mercury is a super villain, a self actualized , selfish, intellegent and glorious creature who follows her own rules, and her own black little heart. You can click on the tag for stories and pictures of her.

If I had the budget, and a very high tolerance for pain, I would buy a lot of clothes for her to wear. Occasionally I see fashions that would suit her. I’m going to start putting these fashions here, so I can dream of a silver, black and white wardrobe with splashes of red – like a blackened volcano on a silver sky.