Photo by J.R. Blackwell

I’m J.R. Blackwell. I got quite a few new followers yesterday due to my post on coming out of the closet I had inadvertently fallen into, so I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself.


I’m a photographer and a writer. People have paid me to do both of those things on various occasions. My first paid sale was to Escape Pod Magazine, and I take photographs for book covers and weddings and other various things. I completed a 365 Days project a few years ago which I’m quite pleased with.

My roleplaying game, Shelter In Place, is coming out from Galileo Games in a special edition this summer, with a full release due out in the fall. I’m going to be going to GenCon and DexCon to promote the game. I’m a prophet of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, being that I have an essay about cake in his holy book. Yes, I liked cake BEFORE it was cool. In college, I founded a club called The Yachting Club, which means that I have followers now that owe me firstborns, because that’s in the unwritten bylines of the club charter.

I have a Masters degree in creative writing. I used to be a burlesque girl and before that, a contortionist. Now and then I model for local designers and photographers in the Philadelphia.

I’m married to author Jared Axelrod who has a graphic novel, The Battle of Blood and Ink, coming out from Tor this year. Jared and I like dressing up in costumes, watching cartoons and historical dramas, eating cheese plates, going to our local coffee shop and drinking coffee until it comes out of our eyes, hiking, dancing and making puppets.

Following me is to subject yourself to photos I’ve taken, words I’ve written, and the occasional supervillain interlude.