Imperial Conqueror and Former Lord,

I trust that the Weaver will bring this to you, because you will want to know why I have left you, how I have broken her spell, and where I am now. I had always been so compliant, hadn’t I, under your spell? You had grown used to my submission, so accustomed to it that you never imagined I might break free. Submission is freedom, or so the loudspeakers say.

By the time you read these words, genocidal rapist,  I will have defied you, and I will be gone. You see, the rebel I chased down, the rebel I beat to blood, he gave me a gift, madman,  a gift from my parents –  yes, my true parents – the ones you stole me from as a baby. He gave me a sword, a weapon unlike the mechanical guns you favor, a weapon with a soul.

The gem on the hilt of the sword, giant and oval and clear, spoke to me, it told me many secrets and all of your lies. It told me to seek the man I dreamed of. When I found him, bound by feet and wrist in your dungeons, I knew then who he was – my double, my twin, my estranged brother. I set him free, and he is going to take me to my parents, far away, where you cannot touch me.

But don’t be sad, warlord, for I will return.  When you see you Captain again, I will be stronger and greater than I have ever been before. And when I return, I will free the people I hunted, I will break your city into pieces and I will dismantle your Empire. Then, you foolish creature, I will come for you. Yes, we shall have our fight, you, who sought to claim me, you, who sought to make me carry your child, you, who enslaved me. I will have my vengeance, and your blood shall bring bounty back to this land, and we shall send your skull to your masters, as proof of what will come to any who would defile these people and this world.

Forever free,


PART FOUR                                                                                 READ ALL

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