Dr. Mercury doesn’t often go to events. Mostly because it takes her two hours to get her skin on and her eyes in and all the blood tastefully applied.  But for Dorian’s Parlor on Saturday – well – she had a brand new hat with a skull on it, which she just had to show off.

The young lady in the photo who is in the process of being kidnapped is Bunny Greene, who makes amazing hats. If you are in the market for a hat, my suggestion would be to contact her and ask her to make one for you custom. It’s a little extra money, but having a custom made hat with the colors and the designs of your choosing is totally worth it. Like getting a hat with a skull on it for the supervillain in your life – priceless. Especially when the price of not getting that supervillain the perfect gift is your head. I consider my head priceless – but that’s just me. With that hat, I am safe for another year.

Anyway. Hats.