Mortal Coil Covers

Hag RideMortal Coil’s Hag Ride is out today!

I produced this cover with a lot of help from my model,  Jerry Rudasill. Jerry is an actor and a musician, and was really perfect for this book cover, since the set up of the game has so much to do with music. As you may notice below, I’ve been using Jerry a lot in my book covers recently. He’s just so good! It’s hard not to go back to the Jerry well, when that well is so rich with goodness!

This is the fifth book cover  that I’ve created for the supplements for the game, Mortal Coil.

Mortal Coil: Twisted 50s I have two more that have been completed and are waiting for production, and three covers where the shoots are lined up for December and January.

The next book cover I’ll be creating has a whole new level of technical challenges to it. Looking at what I’d like to produce, and what I need to do to produce it, it has become very clear that this is going to be my most technically challenging shoot to date. I am going to have to do a lot of very simple, technical shoots with my materials to make sure I can get what I want with what I have.
Mortal Coil: The Saint-Germain Legacy
From the tests I’ve done so far, I believe that it’s going to be a composite photograph, where I merge many of my photographs to get a final product. The scene I’m going to be creating is an imitation of a fresco of an angel appearing before a group of shepherds.

In deceptions of this painting, the light comes from behind the angel, but they glow with inner light as well. To do this, I will be using reflective fabric that lights uOld Gods: A Campagin Frame for Mortal Coilp brightly when hit with a spotlight. Then, there will be spotlights from behind. There will be a short ladder for the angel to stand on that will be removed with photoshop, and several shots to get the right balance of light (because the reflective fabric, when done correctly, tends to make other portions of the photo very dark).

For the flaming sword, because this angel isn’t going to be very happy,  I am going to cover one of our swordThat Which Rises Covers with orange gel to get the appearance of flame, and I’m going to be experimenting with a blue gel and the reflective fabric to see what we can do about a halo. This shoot is going to require a lot of tests before the day of shooting to make sure that I can do what I need to with the materials I have.

All this, and it’s about a half-mile hike, uphill, to the photo-site. I found this site while on a hike with Jared. It’s a cave, tucked into the woods, that I’m going to position my models around. I’m looking forward to pushing my technical skills further on this one, and I’m glad I have people willing to go on this adventure with me.