And That’s How I Met. . .

She waved her hand at me, her big artful fight-knife in that hand. I stopped talking, couldn’t take my eyes off the shine of the blade under all the blood. “I killed him because he’s Clobber, and had it coming. You think you know me, your eyes dilate just slightly when you look at me. Arousal? Not exactly.” She sniffed the air like on might a fine wine. “No. Something else. Desire. What is it about me that you desire?”

“I, uh, I’m Mag Carson. I do your copy. I’m an expert on you, on everything you do! I…I wrote the book on you, literally.” The thought, ‘I’m your biggest fan,” ran through my head before I could stop it, and at that instance, she smiled.

“I’ve read that book. Forgive me, poppet, it never occurred to me that a human would have written it.”

-An excerpt from “And That’s How I Met…” by Filamena Young, a story from Dark Heart: A Dr. Mercury Anthology

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