Excerpt from Bloody Sun

Chapter Ten: The Educated Guess: The Uncertain History of Mercury

We are left to consider what must be the biggest question of Dr. Mercury’s life: What is her parentage?

If we decide to believe her claims of alien lineage, a fact, I believe, I have supported in this book (see chapter four), then we must consider the available evidence on Starchildren, and make inferences from there. Dr. Mercury has, on several occasions, outlined some small details about star children to her captives, which I will outline below.

The facts are these:

  • Starchildren are immortal
  • Starchildren feed on the light of stars
  • Starchildren are not confined to planetary living.

From this we know that the Starchildren are galaxy crossing creatures, huge and ancient. Yet this is spare evidence indeed on which to place any concepts of her parentage. From this evidence alone, we must turn to evolutionary biology as a guide. Creatures on Earth usually employ one of two methods for the survival of their biological offspring – investing a little in many offspring, thus to spread out their chances of survival, or to invest a lot of energy in one or two offspring, taking great care in their development.

This leads us to the question: which strategy do star children employ? Do they leave their offspring scattered like spores across a galactic field, to take root where fertile, and to die if they land in the dark? Or do they keep careful watch of a single child, planning and guarding that one bright life like a treasure.

From our human perspective, we might hope that it is the former, rather than the latter, that whatever the parentage of Mercury, that it is distant, unknowing and unknowable. Indeed, as we have seen no evidence of them, this seems to be the case. For earth, for human life, this is the best outcome, for who knows what plans a creature that spans galaxies might have for the planet on which her offspring is planted. Yet, we are forced to consider, that a creature as great as a Starchild might not have to choose between strategies, that a creature so ancient, and powered by stars, may be able to employ both.

-Excerpt from Bloody Sun