Shelter In Place

For the first time in my life, I’m managing a creative team. I’ve been managed, I’ve managed myself and I’ve partnered with someone, but I’ve never managed a creative team working to produce a product.

So this is new territory for me. New and exciting.

Shelter in Place is a game I created in 2008. I worked on it, gave it a test run, edited it, ran it again, worked on it some more, tested that version and then decided to write my first novel.

Then my second.

Then Vinnie called. When Vinnie calls, you listen. Vinnie was calling to see if I was interested in running Shelter In Place at a convention that was coming up. I had run it there before and players enjoyed it, but I never got around to working on the third edition of the game. I had to turn him down, and I felt terrible about it.

You see, I didn’t want to turn him down. I wanted to be holding a copy of my game in my hands and I wanted to say yes – yes – lets do this. But I had no copy, and I hadn’t updated from last time.

So I did a little calculation. What would it take to finish the game – and where could I fit that in my schedule between the novel, the collaboration I needed to finish and full time employment. I’d need to edit the game mechanics and character sheets, write introductory text and flavor text, an example game, create some art, lay that out, order the books and promote it.

I figured I’d have time in 2012. Or never.

Or, alternately, I could assemble a team, an awesome creative team, and finish the game by Halloween this year.

So I assembled a team – the best writers, game designers, graphic designers and illustrator of adorable zombies that I know.

And now I’m managing a team. And it’s magnificent – because it’s a dream team.

And the game? It’s going to be brilliant.