Let’s go ahead and blame this all on P.C. Haring, shall we?

P.C. Haring is the writer behind the podcast Cybrosis. Almost a year ago, PC comissioned me to make a cover for Cybrosis. I really enjoy doing book covers. For me, creating book covers is an artistic collaboration between the author and I.

We went though a lot of options to get the final product, which is fantastic, because out of all that, I got this image. No, this image isn’t what landed on the cover but it is my favorite from the shoot.That may seem strange, but the fact is, this image is magic, and the book was a lot more scifi- adventure. The final image we chose was totally sci-fi adventure-thriller-tastic.

In this image, the model – Rae Winters – looks like she is controlling the wind, bringing on the storm. The wind was hitting just right, the clouds in the background, Rae’s expression, her hair lifted, her stance wide – it’s magic.

Sometimes, in the persuit of something else, I stumble on something unexpected and wonderful. I feel that part of being an artist is being open to these moments. Moments when you are looking for science and finding magic.