If you want to solve your writers block, write a novel.

When finishing my first novel, I had the most creatively inspiring period of my life – ideas for short stories, other novels, images, all ran around wild and naked in my brain. It was fantastic. Also, very hard to focus on completing my novel, but still.

And in the midst of all that was a character called Dr. Mercury, a supervillian of the highest callibur. She ran amok in my brain with story ideas and little flash fictions, throwing all kinds of creative switches. I really, really wanted to stop writing my novel and start writing all about her.But I perservered and finished the first draft, and now, I’m 15k into writing a novel about her.

One way I used to keep her at bay was to take lots of photos of her. This gave her an outlet without actually putting aside my first novel. I was able to show who she was and, for a while, quiet her down.

Now that I’m writing this I realize that she was my nemesis for a while, threatening to take my attention away from my greater goal and point it towards her. For a while, she was my supervillian, my very own personal nemesis. And, like all of the best enemies, she was really me, in disguise.

It is my hope that someday, I’ll get to share her story with you.