Daniel and I have been taking photos together since 2004. Since that time, I’ve grown as a photographer, come to understand my own style, gained experience, learned more about my equipment and learned about myself as an artist. Though all that, Daniel has been patient and kind, working with me as I experimented and failed and tried again.

We have gotten to the point where we seldom need to talk much anymore during a shoot. He adjusts perfectly, I move my fingers and he changes position. I didn’t really notice until his wife was shooting with us, and she noticed our weird photographer-model telepathy.

After I took this photo, I couldn’t believe that I took it. Is anyone’s skin so perfect? I kept staring at it thinking that people would never believe that I didn’t touch it in photoshop. Daniel looks like an angel, impossibly beautiful. And me? I’m there too, hovering over the angel, taking a picture.