Carry You is a photo out of a series called Blood and Sand which I took days before my wedding. What you are seeing here, then, in these pictures, is my closest friends.

This bears out for most of my photos. I photograph the people I care about. In this photo, we have two illustrators, Steve Walker and Natalie Kelly. Though I asked Steve to pick up Natalie and put her over his shoulder, I have to admit that the elegance of this composition belongs entirely to Steve and Natalie. Notice his wide stance, as if caught in movement, the curve of her body over his, the her elbow meeting the top of his arm, a smooth flow from one person to another. His face, half in blood, half hidden, determined, moving forward.

You know, from his expression, that he is going to fall. He’s carrying too much, he’s too hurt. But he’s moving forward, still, because he has to. He cannot give up, not ever, not until he falls. He’s going to carry her until he’s dead, which might be soon, very soon.

My friends are my inspiration, but more than that, they help me achieve what I see in my head, and half the time, they take it further than I even imagined.