Dr. Mercury: I lay my life in your hands; use me for your nefarious purposes….i am at your command herr Doctor. Now my question is: hot magma or corrosive acid?

According to this infernal book, I’m a sucker for Hot Magma:

Praise for Bloody Sun

Bloody Sun, Chapter Three: Deathtraps, Subsection 2: Volcanic Traps:

Dr. Mercury makes great use of natural surroundings in the implementation of her death traps. 63% of deaths on the island are thought to have taken place in the lava pits, Mercury-made or naturally formed. This number is difficult to verify as Dr. Mercury is known to dispose of the mortal remains of her victims (see “Lasers”, subsection 5.1) in the lava pits, as a sort of natural recycling service.

Visitors to her island have reported many traps that make use of the active volcano that broils under her island paradise. These traps are usually triggered by pressure sensors that detect the presence of a victim and trigger a trap door that dumps the poor unfortunate into a natural lava stream. Traps that are located deeper in her fortress actually re-direct natural lava flow towards her victims. These secondary traps are thought to be implemented when the victim is near Dr. Mercury’s inner sanctum, and, if survived, can be seen as a sign that the victim is getting close to the very center of Dr. Mercury’s private world.

Dr. Mercury frequently uses ecological methods to clean up the corpses on her island, using the dead as food for the giant animals on her island, composing remains as fertilizer, or simply adding the dead to the lava flow. This fact makes the number of deaths that take place on her island extremely difficult to track. It is for this reason that Heroes who seek to bring Dr. Mercury to the authorities are encouraged to tell their next of kin, sidekick or super-teammates about their adventure so that these statistics can be more accurately tracked.

Now, what was that you said about laying your life in my hands? That sounds delicious. Tell me more about that.


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