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From the Diary of Maggie “Mag” Carson

Sometimes I see Laney Chase standing at a big open window looking out after Captain Strong as he flies off and away from the City Voice News Center and I wish she’d just fall out and die.

               Don’t get me wrong. I don’t really have a problem with Laney. She’s a good woman, and a good reporter. Probably better than me. But she has all the advantages and when she starts getting all gooey eyed over her super hunk, I feel a little sick to my stomach.

               Anyway, Captain Strong was her story. Any time you pick up the paper and see a big color picture of his stupid face grinning and holding up an American flag, or carrying an orphan or licking a kitten, the copy below that picture is always Laney. The scoop is always hers; she knows the right place to be at the right time just so the whole stinking world can hear how wonderful he is. Couldn’t you just gag?

               Well, you know the little corner article under a tiny header that reads something like, “Dr. M escapes again.” Or, “Despite Strong’s Bravery, Mercury Evades Capture.”

               Yeah, that’s me.

               Same stinking story every stinking time. And do you know why?

               Because Captain Strong and the Velvet Destroyer, Anthony Clobbers and the whole rest of the Union of Earth are just stinking humans. They might have some super powers, or ancient Egyptian magic, or the soul of a Chinese Emperor, but at the end of the day, they’re all just stinking humans just like stinking Laney and me.

               But not Dr. Mercury. She’d a goddam Starchild. How are hulky human Neanderthals in shinny pants supposed to live up to that? Well, they can’t. And so I can’t interview her in prison, or get a good picture of her in the paper, or any thing, so I end up writing the same stupid copy every time Captain Strong ends up splashed across the headlines.

               I’m an expert in Dr. M. My essays on her in a collection I called “Bloody Sun” is a must-read anytime a new member joins the Union. They say the only person on earth who knows more about the Doc than me is Dr. Lesson, and she’s too scarred to do much talking.

               Dr. M has never let me interview her. She’s never kidnapped me or drank my blood. I’m told she’s never read my book.

               Which is another reason I wish Laney would fall out of that goddam window while she’s mooning over the Captain. Maybe, over her splattered brains he’d fall into my arms in desperate need for comfort, I’d be his new lover and I’d be the one swept off to that Volcano by the Doctor to sip cocktails on the beach, ask her about herself, and be beautiful and desired in a gilded cage.

               …I mean, it’d be nice to sleep with Captain Strong too, I guess.

-This glorious Dr. Mercury Fan Fiction was sweetly provided to you by writer and game designer, Filamena Young.

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