Doctor Mercury, If you could arch any hero (real or fictional), who would you pick?

Arching, the true Arching of a hero is all about love. Oh, it’s often thought that it’s hate, boiling rage or vengeance that fuels the rivalry between a hero and villain, but this is only the surface of the grand story. Deep down, beneath the rage, beneath all that fire and vitriol, must be love. You must love your hero, my friends; you must love her like she is your own child.

To Arch takes love. Anything else is just playing games.

So I suppose the real question here is who am I in love with. And in the pitch-tar recesses of my heart, that cold and cruel beating thing, I have to say that there is a spark, something hot and dangerous that could be love. Maybe.

But who? Well, that’s a secret.

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