The Offical File of Dr. Mercury

Dr. Mercury – Official File

Name: Dr. Mercury

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female?

Race: Half Star-Breed, Half Human

Eye Color: Black or White

Skin Color: Paper White

Hair Color: Bleach

Status: Active

Lair: Volcanic Mountain, Undersea Lab or That Weird Abandoned Warehouse off of 202

Education: M.D. + Ph.D.  Both degrees were taken by force. Or blackmail. Or forced blackmail. Unclear.

Last Sighting: Upon last sighting, subject was riding a zombie winged horse over the salt flats with the well known super scientist, Abigal Lesson. Dr. Lesson is presumed to be held against her will since she seen bound, gagged, and covered with glitter.  Investigation to follow. Subject may be employing zombie monkeys. Approach with caution.

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