Dr. Mercury: Supervillian, Star-Child, M.D.Ph.D.

Dr. Mercury is a half/alien mostly immortal blood drinking madwoman. I don’t see her as a vampire so much as someone who just enjoys drinking the blood of people she has crushes on. And she always has crushes on folks that would rather have nothing to do with her. Or perhaps she just likes the taste – seven pennies in this martini please!

Dr. Mercury likes to taste her knives. She likes to kidnap her crushes and keep them in gold cages. She enjoys sending ransom notes. She likes to light things on fire. Dr. Mercury likes drinking blood and tasting starlight. She’ll take a long walk on the beach but she prefers volcanic ash. She takes fights as foreplay, she likes the feel of latex, she’s attracted to sincerity, she delights in her own madness.

I think that Dr. Mercury longs for goodness. She wants to press it against her, make it filthy, consume it. She longs for a challenge. She delights in freezing and melting.

Dr. Mercury is a character that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while. I have a distinct voice for her, she’s a character that I long to explore but I’m not sure how. I have the visual and the voice, but not the structure on which to place her.

I’m sure it will come, in time.