Roll the Bones, my column for for Hub Magazine is live and new today:

The common sense adage that I hear all too often is that you should never, ever, base a novel off of a game. Because no one wants to hear about your stupid character. No one cares about what spells your Lord of the Rings Wizard knockoff can cast.  No one cares about why your elf left the lands of the freakin’ Sparkle Queen and came to prance around humans. No one, not one person outside of you and your role-playing troupe wants to know about how you and your friends saved a Princess from a Fire Red Mintbreath Dragon. Your game, they argue, is cliché, and no one enjoys it but you.

Guess what? Those people, the people that think that you shouldn’t base a novel off of a game? Those people are playing in bad games.

Their games have stupid plots with terrible characters and I don’t want to hear about them either.

But you know what? YOU, my friend, you do not play in a stupid game, with cardboard cutout characters and a flimsy plot. You play in a game that freakin’ rocks.


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