Aziz Ansari for The Hollywood Reporter. I have always wanted to photograph Aziz and thankfully he was a real pleasure to work with.

I hate cleaning, and so does my husband. But we really like living in a clean and organized house. I think you can see the building conflict there.

So, either some magical fairy is going to come by and make a mop and bucket dance around or we just have to put on our cowboy pants and clean the house. 

We tried doing everything we could to make it a more pleasant experience – listening to music, getting ice cream afterwards – but still, we found the whole cleaning thing to be obnoxious.I know, I know, cry me a river. Everybody’s got to clean – but I think you fail to understand the annoyance we felt. As soon as Apple puts out Butler robots, even if we know they will rise up to destroy us, we’re getting one.

But back to the cleaning. We tried just about everything, and nothing decreased our general annoyance at cleaning up the house. Then we tried listening to stand up – and BOOM – cleaning magic. With all the arts and crafts, we are always cleaning something up, so we listen to a lot of comedy. Our most recent purchase is Aziz Ansari’s special “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening”. It is brilliant and hilarious. He has bits about facebook that had us rolling on the (now very clean) floor. 

Part of his act is that he Googles himself a lot. So if you see this, Aziz, thank you. Our house wouldn’t be nearly so tidy without your observations on gay marriage, musicians and Facebook. If you come to Philadelphia, you can run your finger along the top of our bookshelf and check for dust.