why are you so awesome? followup: how can i get to be as awesome as you?

I’m awesome because I drink the blood of awesome people.

Wait! No! No! That’s not right. Haha. No. I don’t do that. Not ever. Heh. Nooooo.

I’m awesome for a variety of reasons. One reason I’m awesome is because I’m seriously privileged. I’ve was born into a loving, supportive family, I’ve gotten an excellent education which connected me with other driven, privileged people, which has allowed me to succeed by just working really hard.

Also, the love of a good man.

And drinking the blood of the awesome. Wait! No! It’s education.

How can you be awesome? Well, most people think that you can get to be awesome by eating the flesh of great people – but I, and lots of people like me – know that’s not true. You can achieve the same effect by drinking just a bit of their blood.

Wait – no. that’s not right at all.

What I meant to say was – apply yourself! And drink blood—no, no, maybe watch less TV while you are drinking blood?


Don’t drink blood. And go to school.

(Did I mention I love to write fiction?)

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