14 Lovers: 7 : John Jarndyce 1961-1965

25 Reasons I Fell In Love With You

1. Because I’m shallow, and you’re tall

2. Your sharp smile

3. Because there is gold in your eyes, and I’m greedy

4. Because tall, dark and handsome never gets old.

5. And neither do you.

6. Your old money

7. Your hair is long enough that I can wind my fingers in it, get caught, bound up, and never have to pull away.

8. Big

9. Cock

10. Because your fingers are cool on my flesh when I’m hot, too hot, and I feel like I’ll burn away.

11. Because you scare me, scare me enough that the part of me that makes any sense, the part of me that avoids speeding and liquor and fire tells me to run like mad, anywhere, anywhere but here, but I don’t because that other part of me, that stupid, animal, mad part  tells me that this is as sexy as it can get, sexy in a way that might kill me.

12. The way it hurts

13. Because it stops hurting

14. The way loving you is like falling under the ocean, like watching the waves come into shore from underneath the water, like sinking into the cold dark.

15. Because you share your secrets with me

16. How proud you are, to introduce me to your friends, like I’m a beautiful thing you found, or made yourself, a shiny diamond, a fresh cut of meat from the butchers block.

17. Because you didn’t want to give me to them.

18. Because you stayed to watch, even though it was hard.

19. The way you look in my eyes and tell me that, yes, everything is going to be alright and even though I don’t believe you, you make me believe you, and then it’s alright, okay, and I go to sleep believing you until you’re not there anymore, and then the sinking feeling sets back in – but then you come back, and look at me again and I believe.

20. Because you made me a promise, that you’d never let them do that again, never again.

21. Because when you broke your promise, and you left me to them, to be eaten, you really did feel sorry.

22. Because you will make me another promise, one that you’ll keep this time, and you’ll let me go, because you love me more than you love owning me.

23. Let me go.

24. Please Charles.

25. Please.