People I Miss: J.R. Blackwell

J.R. Blackwell is an endlessly creative person who writes, photographs, acts, models, and twists herself into odd shapes under the name “The Plastic Elastic Kitty” sometimes.

My favorite thing about J.R. is that she can be anything she wants to be. I’m always glad one of the things she wants to be is a friend of mine.

Google her name, learn more about her, because you really want to if you don’t already know.

I’m sure that Jack showed me this photo before, but I had forgotten about it, and when I first saw it, I thought to myself “I don’t remember posing for Jack naked.” Then I remembered that I’m wearing a gold bathing suit, which you can see if you look very closely.

It was after this shoot that I took a sort of vow to myself to stop talking smack about my own body. If I have a body that can do this for me, why in the high holy hells should I talk smack about it? I’ve got fucking super powers!

Jack, if I every get pregnant, I demand you take photos of me, naked and contorting. I will come to Japan if I have to.