14 Lovers: 3 : Richard Datchery 1924-1929

Richard had half moon shadows under his eyes from days and nights of sleeplessness.  His hair was dry and stiff, sticking out at all angles. His suits were stained with a cocktail of sauces and liqueur that were  carelessly dropped when he attacked his food. Richard’s rudeness was legendary. Richard would snap to get a waiters attention, wipe his mouth on tablecloths, and perch his muddy shoes up on seats. He never apologized for his smell, his wandering, reckless hands or his carelessly vicious comments. He was a boor, a classic asshole, a tested bastard.

But Richard sure could suck some cock. His lips were warm and full and his mouth was slicker than grease. Perhaps, for most people, that’s not reason to love someone, but for Charles it was more than enough.

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