What Angels Wear

Angels wear white.

Angels wear the blood red of martyrs. Angels wear the blue of a summer sky. Angels wear plum, amber and emerald . Angels wear wings on their shoulder blades, sharp golden wings to catch sunlight, to blind, to cut, to kill. Angels wear roman robes, angels wear blue jeans, angels wear fur.

Angels wear leather jackets and ride motorcycles. Angels wear pale diaphanous strips of heaven-fabric, strategically placed by prudish hearts. Angels wear spiderwebs. Angels wear long black trench-coats that sway around their ankles. Angels wear peacock feathers, a thousand bright blue shining eyes.

Angels wear the paint of long dead artists, plastered to the ceiling of a chapels artificial sky. Angels wear sea-foam from a primordial stew. Angels wear prayers. Angels wear messages, dreams of the dead, prophecies, divine will. Angels wear the clothes of the homeless. Angels wear high-tops, angels wear sandals, angels go barefoot.

Angels are naked.

Angels wear starlight.

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