Why He’s Hot:

  1. Hello, hot body! This man is the definition of sexy, and he has one of the best faves to go with it. Whatever he does, he is one of the sexiest men around.
  2. He is gay, and VERY open about it, so don’t be surprised if in anything you see him in, he’s kissing a guy.
  3. John makes one fine woman. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to see him dress up like a female for you before you get busy, it’s hot, admit it.
  4. His voice, oh his voice will make you need to change your panties. If you heard that voice at night, singing in the shower, you’d need to jump right in. And there’s something telling me he serenades to his partner.
  5. He plays Captain Jack Harkness, a bad-ass man who can’t die, and fights aliens for a living. His character plays a total sex-magnet, he would basically fuck anything that breathes.

This tumblr is hilarious and awesome. I like this post quite a bit. Thank you, Katie West, for pointing this tumblr out. Brilliant.