2009:Part Twenty One: The March

On October 11th, Jared Axelrod and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary by marching on Washington DC for equal rights for queer people. One of the things I’ve found obnoxious about the debate for marrage equality is how conservative pundits keep trying to claim me for their side. According to them, married people don’t want homosexuals to be able to marry.

I wanted to march, holding hands with my husband, to show that in fact, we do. You do not speak for me, or marriage, conservative pundits. I am a married woman, and you do not represent me.

I want homosexuals to have all the same rights as I do. My experience being married only reinforced this belief. In April, my husband broke his ankle. Because I was his wife, I could stay with him in the hospital, be by his side when he needed me the most. I could make decisions for him, give information about him to his doctors while he was on pain medication.

While we were in the hospital, we saw a girlfriend get kicked out after visiting hours while I was allowed to stay. Marriage is a shorthand for people to understand how important we are to one another. It is vital that we can choose the people we want to have that kind of connection with us, regardless of what their genitals look like.

That’s what I marched for, and that’s what I will continue to fight for.