Today I am Fat.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about how I had a difficult time finding a bra in my size. Apparently, lots of other ladies experience this problem because I was reblogged on “I love Fat!” a fat acceptance blog. (

If a fat acceptance blog thinks I’m fat, then I should accept that I’m fat. The internet has spoken! And it’s spoken clearly. I’m fat.FAAAAAAT. Don’t argue people. Accept it.

The trouble is, the situation I neglected to write about in the post (my fault) was that the problem I have is not just that my breasts are large, but that my underbust is small. So my breasts will fall out of giant bras that aren’t tight under the bust.  I am shaped like an hour-glass, small in the waist, large in the hips and the chest. The photo accompanying this post (the most recent photo I have of myself) illustrates this nicely.

Does that mean I’m fat? Does having a small waist but large hips and breasts mean that I should lose weight? Should I get surgery to change the shape of my breasts so that they better fit into the willowy body shape that is popular today? Or should I just accept (as the blog suggests) my fatness. Revel in it! Enjoy it! I’m fat and I’m proud! The chocolate has gone to my breasts and butt and I accept it!

My hourglass shape has put me in some weird twilight-zone limbo where I have been called both “Too Thin” and “Too Fat”.

I have been the same size and shape since high school but as I’ve gotten older, more people have accused me of being “too small” or “not eating enough” when I haven’t changed shape at all and when I eat three meals a day every day.One person whose known me since I was 16 accused me of starving myself because I didn’t want to drink non-diet soda at a party. (It’s too sweet for me)

I’m a “health nut” but I have to “watch what I eat”, I’m “fit” but I don’t “care about my body” I walk three miles a day but I should work out more.

I have been called “overweight”, “anorexic”, “out of shape” and “fit” in the space of a few days. I am clearly some magical weight – neither thin nor fat, though somehow both. In interest of exploring this concept, I’m going to be posting photos of myself all day today. I’ll let you decide what I am for yourself,  since clearly, it’s subjective.