Katie West and J.R. Blackwell


It is early in the morning here in Japan and I’m off to work soon, so I haven’t really been reading as in-depth as I normally would the posts of these two beautiful, intelligent, and overwhelmingly artistic women as much as I normally would, and there have been a lot of posts recently.

That run-on sentence should give you an idea of my mental efficiency at this hour.

I think what the three of us need is simply this: 3 cameras, a box full of weapons, another box full of outrageous costume pieces, an old run-down building, about 4 hours of sunlight, and each other.

For old-times sake.

Every once in a while you need, if only for a moment and even if only for pretend, to be able to say “Fuck everyone who isn’t me and this short list of other people, because we are fucking awesome.”

And we are, we three. Don’t you ever fucking forget it.

Yeah we are. I miss you both.

If I could move you both into my house, I would.

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