Damned if you do…

Twitter brought me this link today, from @jrblackwell. In her blog post she talks about how people perceive her size:

Today I am Fat.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about how I had a difficult time finding a bra in my size. Apparently, lots of other ladies experience this problem because I was reblogged on “I love Fat!” a fat acceptance blog… If a fat acceptance blog thinks I’m fat, then I should accept that I’m fat. The internet has spoken! And it’s spoken clearly. I’m fat.FAAAAAAT…

My hourglass shape has put me in some weird twilight-zone limbo where I have been called both “Too Thin” and “Too Fat”… I have been called “overweight”, “anorexic”, “out of shape” and “fit” in the space of a few days. I am clearly some magical weight – neither thin nor fat, though somehow both.

To me this perfectly illustrates the Damned-if-you-do, Damned-if-you-don’t situation that women face. (Maybe I should say Damned-if-you-are, Damned-if-you-aren’t, since a person’s size and body attributes are only partly related to their own actions.) You’ve got to be thin, but not too thin or people ridicule you for not eating. You’ve got to be sexy and voluptuous with lots of cleavage, but if you have the body that tends to go with voluptuousness, you’re scorned for being too fat.

Preach it, sister. I think that Michelle hits on an interesting point here – that thin women, as well as fat women, get reactions to them based purely on their bodies – reactions to them not as people, but as objects.

Via Michelle M. Welch.

You can read the rest of the post here: http://mmwelch.blogspot.com/2010/01/damned-if-you-do.html