People usually are friends with folks in their age group which makes any person who makes friends with someone far outside of their age group noticeable, an outlier.

In my early twenties, I was friends with a woman named Kae. Kae was in her early eighties. Kae was a sweet person, kind, giving. She had a son who was disabled and she cared for him even when it was difficult for her to care for herself. She needed a hearing aid, but couldn’t afford to get one. If I had the money I have now, I would have bought one for her, but I barely had five dollars back then. That’s how we met, actually, I was singing in a choir to make some money on the side.

Kae died yesterday. This is a photo of her hand. Her husband was long gone, but she still wore her wedding ring. Faithful, that was Kae. Faithful to her friends, to her religion, to her family. May we all be so faithful to those we love.

Yesterday I dreamed of giving a eulogy, and this coming Saturday, I’ll be hearing one.