Driving by the Printhouse in Windsor and there I am! Ha! on Twitpic

So, went in and talked to the guy, whose name is Daniel Bombardier and goes by Denial, tell him, “Hey, that’s me!” He says, “Oh yeah? I just did some pictures of people I didn’t know who had added me to Facebook.” Like he’s too cool to care.

Some problems with this: guy doesn’t ask permission before hand, doesn’t even say, after meeting me, oh hey, is it cool that I stole a picture you took and copied it onto canvas? and he sells them. So a picture I took, that is the main picture on my website, he sells as his own? Ish? Ugh. I don’t know, doesn’t seem kosher for an artist to do that to another artist. I’ve had people make paintings from my photos before, and they all ask permission (as far as I know I guess), and also when people have sold them, they’ve offered me part of the monies (which is really nice and I don’t expect people to do that.) But to just take my picture, without permission, sell it in his store and then be a dick about it, acting like he’s a motherfucking cool guy and he can’t be bothered to even ask my name after he finds out it’s me whose photo he’s stolen? Dude. Come on. You’ve been interviewed by CBC and you make money selling your art and you can’t acknowledge the work of another artist? Really? Fuck you.

Also? I didn’t fucking add you to Facebook. I don’t add anyone to Facebook. Bitch, please.

I probably won’t do anything about it, because I don’t know, whatever, but still. How rude.

Via the Amazing Katie West.

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